How to fix the doll’s hair – doll hair repair 5-step tutorial

Whether you buy pre-loved dolls or you play a lot with yours, the doll hair condition tends to worsen with time. Is it possible to repair damaged doll hair? Yes, and it’s easier than you might think. I documented what I usually do to fix the doll’s hair and I prepared this 5-step doll hair repair tutorial for you. I hope you’ll find it helpful! As usual, if you have any additional questions after looking at the tutorial, feel free to comment under this post or send me a DM on my Instagram @margaretanndolls as I’m the most active there. Now let’s go! : )


Step by step tutorial

Before hair repair

I bought this Rainbow High Series 1 Ruby Anderson doll pre-loved (used conditon) and her hair was messy and damaged. She was a perfect candidate for this tutorial. Here’s how she looked when I got her:

Step 1 – Brush the hair.

Try to be gentle when brushing but at the same time don’t worry if some of the hairs fell out. It’s absolutely normal! She’ll lose a few hairs but she’ll look much better afterwards, you’ll see. : )

Step 2 – Wash the hair.

Use a gentle shampoo to clean the hair. You can choose any shampoo you like, the type or the brand doesn’t matter.

Step 3 – Apply hair conditioner and brush the hair again.

You can use any hair conditioner you like, you can also choose to use a hair mask. It doesn’t have to be any specific brand. I bought a cheap hair conditioner for colored hair that I use only for my doll’s hair. Conditioner helps to soften the hair and gives it a nice shine. You can leave a conditioner on the hair for 10-30 minutes. Keep the conditioner on the hair for the boil washing in the next step.

Step 4 – Time for a boil wash!

Boil the water in the kettle. Then you can pour the water directly onto the doll’s hair or pour it into a bowl and then soak the hair in the water for about 15-30 seconds. This helps to revive and straighten the hair. After boil washing, wash again with regular water to remove any remaining hair conditioner.

Step 5 – Brush the hair and leave it to air-dry.

Brush the hair before you leave it to air-dry. Do not use a hair dryer, just let the hair dry naturally. The hair should dry on its own in 24h, depending on the temperature at your place.

Step 6 (optional) – Trim the ends.

Often the ends are uneven or damaged beyond repair. In such cases you can trim the ends. You can choose the length as you wish.



How did you like this “how to fix the doll’s hair” step by step tutorial? Let me know if you tried this method and how did it went for you! If you have any additional hair repair tips, feel free to share them in the comments. You can also check out my other tutorials, for example: How to change the dolls’ bodies – Head swap tutorial , How to go from a fairy to a fashionista – Barbie doll makeover or How to straighten the doll’s hair – step by step tutorial.

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