My Collection

I primarily collect Barbie, Integrity Toys, Disney, Monster High and Ever After High dolls. I also have a few Winx and Bratz dolls, as well as Once Upon a Zombie, Disney Descendants and WWE Superstars dolls.

As of February 2024, my collection includes over 700 dolls:

  • over 90 NRFB Barbie Collector dolls and over 200 unboxed dolls;
  • over 40 Integrity Toys dolls (over 20 Poppy Parker dolls, 7 Fashion Royalty, 9 NU.Face, 4 NU.Fantasy and a few others);
  • over 20 NRFB Monster High Collector Dolls and over 120 unboxed dolls;
  • over 60 NRFB Ever After High Dolls (including all basic dolls and SDCC exclusives) and over 100 unboxed dolls;
  • over 30 NRFB Disney Dolls (including 16 Disney Store Limited Edition 17” dolls) and over 40 unboxed dolls.

From 2021 – 2023 I also collected Rainbow High dolls, and in 2024 I sold my entire RH collection.