My Collection

My Monster High Dolls:

Venus McFlytrap Between Classes
Viperine Gorgon Frights, Camera, Action
Rochelle Goyle Between Classes
Cleo de Nile School’s Out
Frankie Stein Freaky Fusion Recharge Chamber
Catrine DeMew Ghoul Chat
Gigi Grant 13 Wishes
Abbey Bominable School’s Out 
Jane Boolittle Gloom & Bloom
Spectra Vondergeist School’s Out
Draculaura Scarily Ever After
Vandala Doubloons Haunted – Student Spirits
Amanita Nightshade Signature Doll
Skelita Calaveras Scaris: City of Frights
Lagoona Blue Monster Exchange 
Jinafire Long Gloom & Bloom
Operetta Picture Day
Lagoona Blue 13 Wishes
Toralei Stripe Freak Du Chic 
C.A. Cupid Sweet 1600
C.A. Cupid Signature Doll
Nefera de Nile Campus Stroll
Abbey Bominable Skultimate Roller Maze
Clawdeen Wolf Skull Shores
Robecca Steam Between Classes
Nefera de Nile Boo York Boo York City Schemes
Mouscedes King Boo York Boo York Gala Ghoulfriends
Scarah Screams Ghoul Fair
Draculaura Sweet Screams
Frankie Stein Sweet Screams
Abbey Bominable Sweet Screams
Ghoulia Yelps Sweet Screams
Isi Dawdancer Brand Boo Students
Batsy Claro Brand Boo Students
Honey Swamp Frights, Camera, Action
Clawdeen Wolf 13 Wishes
Twyla Coffin Bean
Gilda Goldstag We Are Monster High Student Disembody Council
Iris Clops I Heart Fashion
Posea Reef Great Scarrier Reef Down Under Ghouls 
Kala Mer’ri Great Scarrier Reef Down Under Ghouls
Peri & Pearl Serpentine Great Scarrier Reef Down Under Ghouls
Spectra Vondergeist Picture Day
Gigi Grant Freaky Fieldtrip
Rochelle Goyle Haunted Student Spirits
Venus McFlytrap Gloom & Bloom 
Lorna McNessie Monster Exchange
Lagoona Blue Dawn of the Dance
Draculaura Dawn of the Dance
Elissabat Ghouls’ Getaway
Jane Boolittle Ghouls’ Getaway
Spectra Vondergeist Ghouls’ Getaway
Jinafire Long Ghouls’ Getaway
Meowlody Ghouls’ Getaway
Venus McFlytrap I Heart Fashion
Cleo de Nile & Deuce Gorgon Comet-Crossed Couple Boo York Boo York
Ghoulia Yelps Gloom Beach
Clawdeen Wolf Dead Tired
Venus McFlytrap Ghouls’ Night Out
Venus McFlytrap Coffin Bean
Cleo de Nile I Heart Fashion
Venus McFlytrap Ghoul Spirit
Venus McFlytrap Zombie Shake
Venus McFlytrap Fangtastic Fitness
Toralei Stripe as Catastrophe Power Ghouls
Toralei Stripe Campus Stroll
Meowlody Campus Stroll
Purrsephone Campus Stroll
Catty Noir Signature Doll
Draculaura Draculocker
Venus McFlytrap, Clawdeen Wolf & Jinafire Long Fierce Rockers 3-pack
Mouscedes King Boo York Boo York City Ghouls
Draculaura Classrooms
Cleo de Nile Ghoul’s Beast Pet
Djinni “Whisp” Grant I Heart Fashion
Twyla Freak du Chic
Honey Swamp Freak du Chic 
Amanita Nightshade and Nefera de Nile Scream & Sugar 2-pack
Viperine Gorgon Scare & Makeup
Viperine Gorgon Ghoulebrities in Londoom
Rochelle Goyle Shriek Wrecked 
Catrine de Mew Gloom & Bloom
Ghoulia Yelps Love Is Not Dead
Rochelle Goyle Zombie Shake
Rochelle Goyle Dance Class
Toralei Stripe Fierce Rockers
Casta Fierce
Cleo de Nile Music Class
Elle Eedee Boo York Boo York Gala Ghoulfriends
Lagoona Blue Shriek Wrecked
Draculaura Shriek Wrecked
Electrified Frankie Stein
Electrified Twyla
Electrified Silvi Timberwolf
Electrified Cleo de Nile
Electrified Venus McFlytrap
Party Hair Draculaura
Garden Ghouls Cleo de Nile
Garden Ghouls Twyla
Party Ghouls Abbey Bominable
Party Ghouls Venus McFlytrap
Party Ghouls Rochelle Goyle
Welcome to Monster High Moanica D’Kay

My Monster High Playsets:

Frankie’s Freaky Fusion Recharge Chamber
Draculaura’s Jewelry Box Coffin
Lagoona’s Hydration Station
Clawdeen’s Dead Tired Bed
Cleo de Nile’s Vanity

My Ever After High Dolls:

Basic Briar Beauty Original Release
Basic Lizzie Hearts Original Release
Basic Raven Queen Original Release
Basic Apple White Original Release
Basic Ashlynn Ella & Hunter Huntsman Original Release 2-pack
Basic Cerise Hood Original Release
Basic Madeline Hatter Original Release
Basic C.A. Cupid Original Release
Basic Cedar Wood Original Release
Basic Dexter Charming Original Release
Basic Holly & Poppy O’Hair Original Release
Basic Blondie Lockes Original Release
Basic Darling Charming Original Release
Basic Rosabella Beauty Original Release
Basic Faybelle Thorn Original Release
Basic Duchess Swan Original Release
Basic Ginger Breadhouse Original Release
Basic Kitty Cheshire Original Release
Basic Farrah Goodfairy
Basic Meeshell Mermaid
Basic Nina Thumbell
Basic Jillian Beanstalk
Basic Justine Dancer
Basic Melody Piper
Basic Alistair Wonderland
Basic Bunny Blanc Original Release
Legacy Day Ashlynn Ella
Legacy Day Apple White Apple Black
Legacy Day Briar Beauty
Legacy Day Cerise Hood
Thronecoming Briar Beauty
Thronecoming Apple White
Thronecoming Raven Queen
Thronecoming Blondie Lockes
Thronecoming C.A. Cupid
Spring Unsprung Kitty Cheshire
Spring Unsprung Cedar Wood
Spring Unsprung Briar Beauty
Spring Unsprung Holly O’Hair
Spring Unsprung Cerise Hood
Spring Unsprung Lizzie Hearts
Way Too Wonderland Lizzie Hearts
Way Too Wonderland Apple White
Way Too Wonderland Madeline Hatter
Way Too Wonderland Kitty Cheshire
Just Sweet Blondie Lockes
Heartstruck C.A. Cupid
Royally Ever After Apple White
Spellbinding Raven Queen
Dragon Games Apple White and Braebyrn
Dragon Games Mira Shards aka Teenage Evil Queen
Dragon Games Raven Queen
Dragon Games Darling Charming
Dragon Games Holly O’Hair
Dragon Games Poppy O’Hair
Birthday Ball Cedar Wood
Birthday Ball Rosabella Beauty
Birthday Ball Duchess Swan
Birthday Ball C.A. Cupid
Birthday Ball Blondie Lockes
Fairest on Ice Ashlynn Ella
Fairest on Ice Duchess Swan
Fairest on Ice Poppy O’Hair
Epic Winter Crystal Winter
Epic Winter Briar Beauty
Epic Winter Ashlynn Ella
Epic Winter Blondie Lockes
Epic Winter Rosabella Beauty and Daring Charming 2-pack
Epic Winter Apple White
Epic Winter Madeline Hatter
Through the Woods C.A. Cupid
Through the Woods Ashlynn Ella
Through the Woods Poppy O’Hair
Through the Woods Blondie Lockes
School Spirit Apple White and Raven Queen 2-pack
Hat-Tastic Tea Party Madeline Hatter
Hat-Tastic Party Cedar Wood
Hat-Tastic Tea Party Cerise Hood
Hat-Tastic Tea Party Apple White
Hat-Tastic Tea Party Briar Beauty
Tri-Castle-On 3-pack: Cerise Hood, Hunter Huntsman, Lizzie Hearts
Powerful Princess Club Apple White
Powerful Princess Club Madeline Hatter
Powerful Princess Club Holly O’Hair
Getting Fairest Briar Beauty
Archery Club Rosabella Beauty
Archery Club Ashlynn Ella
Archery Club Bunny Blanc
Archery Club / Magic Arrow Raven Queen
Book Party Lizzie Hearts
Book Party Kitty Cheshire
Book Party Ginger Breadhouse
Back To School Meeshell Mermaid
Back To School Madeline Hatter
Back To School Holly O’Hair
Enchanted Picnic Blondie Lockes
Enchanted Picnic Cerise Wolf
Enchanted Picnic Raven Queen
Thronecoming Basic Briar Beauty
Thronecoming Basic Madeline Hatter
Thronecoming Basic Ashlynn Ella
Ashlynn Ella 2-in-1 Magical Fashion

My Ever After High Playsets:

Apple’s Getting Fairest Fainting Couch
Lizzie’s Spring Unsprung Book
Briar’s Thronecoming Book
Apple’s Braebyrn the Dragon
Maddie’s Hat-Tastic Tea Party
Book End Hangout Beanstalk Bakery
Book End Hangout Glass Slipper Shop
Raven’s Getting Fairest Destiny Vanity
2-in-1 Castle

My MH, EAH & DCSHG Exclusive & Collector Dolls
(Posts: MH & EAH, Cedar & Katana):

EAH Raven The Evil Queen SDCC 2015
MH BYBY Nefera de Nile Vinyl Figure SDCC 2015
MH Draculaura Collector Doll
EAH Cerise Wolf SDCC 2014
MH Wydowna Spider as Webarella SDCC 2013
EAH Cedar Wood Marionette SDCC 2016
DC Super Hero Girls Katana SDCC 2016
MH Zomby Gaga Doll
MH Skelita Collector Doll
MH Cleo de Nile & Ghoulia Yelps 2-pack 2017

My Disney Dolls:

Fairy Godmother Disney Film Collection Doll Cinderella Live Action Film 11” (Disney Store)
Fairy Godmother Disney Cinderella Doll (Mattel)
Mirana The White Queen Disney Film Collection Doll Alice Through the Looking Glass 13 1/4”(Disney Store)
Maleficent Disney Film Collection Doll Maleficent Live Action Film 11” (Disney Store)
Disney Princess Classic Doll – Ariel
Disney Wedding Ariel Doll
Disney Classic Prince Erik Doll
Disney Classic Ursula Doll
Disney Princess Classic Pocahontas Doll
Disney Store Singing Aurora
Disney Store Singing Belle
Disney Store Singing Mulan
Disney Store Ariel Deluxe Playset (‘Kiss the Girl’ scene)
Disney Princess Classic Doll – Snow White
Frozen Fever Birthday Party Elsa Doll
Disney Beauty and the Beast Village Dress Belle Doll
Disney Beauty and the Beast Enchanting Ball Gown Belle Doll
Frozen Northern Lights Elsa with Snowgies


My Disney Store Limited Edition Dolls:

Disney Designer Collection Ariel and King Triton Dolls
Pocahontas Limited Edition Doll – 16”
Mulan 20th Anniversary Limited Edition Doll – 16”
Beauty and the Beast Belle Winter Dress Limited Edition Doll – 17”
Aurora Limited Edition Doll – Sleeping Beauty 60th Anniversary – 17”

My Disney Descendants Dolls:

Jane – Daughter of the Fairy Godmother Signature Doll
Evie Signature Doll
Mal Signature Doll
Lonnie Signature Doll
Audrey Signature Doll
CJ Hook Signature Doll
Evie – Daughter of the Evil Queen Doll (Disney Store Exclusive)
Evie – Evie’s Wicked Fashion Doll
Neon Lights Ball Evie
Royal Fashions Mal
Jewel-bilee Mal
Jewel-bilee Ally
Jewel-bilee Evie
Fashion Mal
Wicked Ways Mal Doll

My Winx Club Dolls:

Winx Club Deluxe Sirenix Doll by Jakks Pacific – Flora
Winx Club Deluxe Sirenix Doll by Jakks Pacific – Bloom
Winx Bloom Special Edition The Magic Is In You

My Barbie Dolls:

Barbie Style – Barbie Doll (Faux Fur Jacket)
Barbie Style – Sweetheart Barbie Doll
Barbie Style “Stylin’ Friends” 2 Pack – Barbie & Raquelle
Barbie Style “Stylin’ Friends” 2 Pack – Barbie & Summer
Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse Doll – Raquelle
Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse Barbie and Midge 2-Pack
Barbie Dreamtopia Curvy Mermaid
Barbie Dreamtopia Sweetville Princess
Barbie Fashionistas Hollywood Divas Cutie
Barbie Dolphin Magic
Barbie Careers Farmer
Barbie Careers Scientist
Barbie Careers Eye Doctor
Barbie Careers Paleontologist
Barbie Careers Architect
Barbie Careers Beekeeper
Barbie Careers Ken Barista
Barbie Careers Astronaut & Space Scientist
Barbie Careers Chef & Waiter
Barbie Careers Pop Star
Barbie Ultimate Curls
Barbie Rainbow Sparkle Hair
Barbie Made to Move Redhead / Light Blue Top
Barbie Made to Move Blonde / Pink Top
Barbie Made to Move Brunette / Blue Top
Barbie Made to Move / Purple Top
Barbie Made to Move Skateboarder
Barbie Made to Move Martial Artist
Barbie Made to Move Football Player
Barbie Made to Move Dancer
Barbie Made to Move Rhythmic Gymnast
Barbie Made to Move Skiier
Barbie Ken Fashionistas 8 Camo Comeback
Barbie Fashionistas LA Girl
Barbie Fashionistas 18 Va-Va-Violet
Barbie Fashionistas Doll 22 Chambray Chic – Curvy
Barbie Fashionistas Doll 26 Spring Into Style – Curvy
Barbie Fashionistas 31 Rock ‘N’ Roll Plaid
Barbie Fashionistas 36 Chic with a Wink Doll & Fashions
Barbie Fashionistas 38 So Sporty Doll & Fashions
Barbie Fashionistas 43 Lacey Blue Doll & Fashions
Barbie Fashionistas 44 Leather & Ruffles Doll & Fashion
Barbie Fashionistas 47 Kittie Cutie
Barbie Fashionistas 48 Daisy Pop

Barbie Fashionistas 49 Double Denim Look
Barbie Fashionistas 54 Tutu Cool
Barbie Fashionistas 55 Denim and Dazzle
Barbie Fashionistas 56 Style So Sweet
Barbie Fashionistas 57 Zig & Zag
Barbie Fashionistas 60 Patchwork Denim
Barbie Fashionistas 62 Sweet for Silver
Barbie Fashionistas 63 Platinum Pop
Barbie Fashionistas 64 Lovin’ Leopard
Barbie Fashionistas 67 Cactus Print Dress
Barbie Fashionistas 68 Candy Stripes
Barbie Fashionistas 69 Blue Beauty
Barbie Fashionistas 70 Pineapple Pop
Barbie Fashionistas 71 Teddy Bear Flair
Barbie Fashionistas 72 Overall Awesome
Barbie Fashionistas 73 Rosey Romper
Barbie Fashionistas 74 Seeing Stars
Barbie Fashionistas 75 Lavender Kiss
Barbie Fashionistas 76 Purely Pinstriped
Barbie Fashionistas 77 To Tie Dye For
Barbie Fashionistas 78 Floral Frills
Barbie Fashionistas 81 Wear Your Heart
Barbie Fashionistas 82 Chic in Chambray
Barbie Fashionistas 83 Denim Floral
Barbie Fashionistas 84 Rainbow Rave
Barbie Fashionistas 85 Glam Boho
Barbie Fashionistas 86 Sweet & Sporty
Barbie Fashionistas 87 Rockstar Glam
Barbie Fashionistas 88 Unicorn Magic
Barbie Fashionistas 90 Rainbow Bright
Barbie Fashionistas 91 Varsity Platitude
Barbie Fashionistas 92 Teal Floral Dress
Barbie Fashionistas 95 Blue Jean Queen
Barbie Fashionistas 97 Meow Mix
Barbie Fashionistas 98 Future is Bright
Barbie Fashionistas 99 Sweet Bloom
Barbie Fashionistas 100 Daisy Love
Barbie Fashionistas 102 Bon Voyage
Barbie Fashionistas 103
Barbie Fashionistas 104
Barbie Fashionistas 107 Malibu Camo
Barbie Fashionistas 110
Barbie Fashionistas 111
Barbie Fashionistas 113
Barbie Fashionistas 119
Barbie Fashionistas 120
Barbie Fashionistas 121 with a prosthetic leg
Barbie Fashionistas 122
Barbie Fashionistas 126
Barbie Fashionistas 132 on a wheelchair

My Barbie Collector Dolls:

Haunted Beauty Zombie Bride Barbie Doll
The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part II Bella Doll
Faraway Forest Lady of the White Woods Barbie Doll
Tokidoki Barbie 2015 (Pink Hair)
Barbie the Look: Glam Party Doll
Barbie the Look: Urban Jungle
Barbie the Look: Sweet Tea
Barbie the Look: Park Pretty
Barbie the Look: Happy Hipster
2016 Holiday Barbie Doll
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Wonder Woman Doll
Andy Warhol Campbell’s Soup Can Doll
Wonder Woman Queen Hippolyta Doll
Wonder Woman Antiope Doll
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Finnick Odair Doll
Barbie Justice League Mera Doll
Barbie A Wrinkle in Time Mrs. Whatsit Doll
Barbie Tomb Raider Lara Croft Doll

My WWE Superstars dolls:

Nikki Bella
Brie Bella
Eva Marie
5-pack (Natalya, Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks, Brie & Nikki Bella)
Charlotte Flair

My Once Upon a Zombie Dolls:

Zombie Snow White
Zombie Belle
Zombie Rapunzel
Zombie Little Mermaid
Zombie Cinderella
Zombie Sleeping Beauty
Zombie Alice

My Bratz dolls:

#SelfieSnaps Cloe
#SnowKissed Cloe
Create-A-Bratz Doll with Red Hair and Green Eyes
Bratz Catz Meygan

My DC Super Hero Girls dolls:

Basic Poison Ivy
Basic Katana
Basic Wonder Woman
Basic Batgirl
Basic Supergirl
Basic Cheetah

Harry Potter dolls:

Hermione Granger
Minerva McGonagall