OOAK # 1 Ever After High Legacy Day Apple Black (Apple White) Doll

From the moment I started collecting dolls, I dreamt about creating the doll myself. As a very creative and artistic person, I knew that I was able to come up with a unique concept, but I was concerned about my technical skills. I absolutely loved watching custom made OOAK dolls on Instagram or Etsy, but I decided to try to make my own creation instead of buying somebody else’s work of art. After all, OOAK means One Of A Kind so that I decided to start making custom dolls.

There is a lot of different things that you can do to customize a doll. You can change her hair (cut the original hair, dye it or reroot the doll with a new hair), change the face (add new features to the original face or repaint the face) and change the body (put the head on a different body or repaint/resculpt the original body). I decided to start my adventure with customization with rerooting the doll’s hair and I am planning on learning how to repaint the dolls next.

There are a few ways to reroot a doll. The most popular ones are the needle and thread method, and the knot method. I decided to use the special reroot tool that I found online and I really liked it. If you would be interested, I could make a tutorial on how to reroot a doll, so please let me know!

For my first reroot I decided to change Ever After High Apple White‘s blonde hair to black hair. I always wanted to see how Apple, daughter of Snow White, would look like in black because according to the original fairytale Snow White is supposed to have hair as black as ebony. I chose Apple White doll from the Legacy Day line because she has a beautiful face with rare shaded eyebrows and her outfit is absolutely gorgeous. Then I chose the hair color I wanted and I ordered it online. I removed the original hair with tweezers and I started rerooting.  After a few days of precise work Apple White became Apple Black.

I am totally in love with my OOAK Apple Black! I think that Apple looks absolutely amazing with black hair and in my opinion this new look really suits her. I kept her hairstyle similar to the original one and I added black fishnet stockings to her outfit. I am also planning on darkening her eye makeup once I learn how to repaint the dolls.

Original Doll – Ever After High Apple White Legacy Day

OOAK Ever After High Apple Black

What do you think about my Apple Black? Please let me know in the comments! I really hope that you like it because I am planning on doing more OOAK dolls in the future!

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    30 May 2016 at 22:34

    I wreszcie wygląda jak człowiek. Mam nadzieję, że z kolorem włosów zmienił się jej charakterek.

    Widzę, że coś ludzi ostatnio naszła ochota na rerootowanie. Sama się za to wzięłam, ale na mniejszą skalę, bo tylko przerabiałam konika, jednak jestem pełna podziwu dla tych, którym chce się robić całą lalkową główkę.

    Tutorial by się przydał, bo sama mam inną metodę niż standardowa – może Twoja będzie łatwiejsza.

    • Reply
      7 June 2016 at 21:06

      Dziękuję bardzo! 🙂
      Moja metoda rerootowania wydaje mi się dość prosta, ale czasochłonna. Tutorial z pewnością pojawi się na blogu jak tylko znajdę czas i wenę twórczą na nowe dzieło 😉

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    31 May 2016 at 09:36

    She's absolutely gorgeous!

  • Reply
    Farrah Lily
    1 June 2016 at 01:56

    Fantastic job!!! 🙂

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