#MADTUTORIALS How to go from a fairy to a fashionista – Barbie doll makeover

#MADTUTORIALS series continues! Today we’ll go through a quick and easy tutorial on how to create a new doll from a more unexpected source. We’ve all seen and done head swaps from Fashionistas doll into Made to Move bodies but Fashionistas are not the only dolls that could benefit from a poseable body.

The Barbie playline dolls are often neglected by Barbie fans and collectors and it’s not without a reason. These dolls usually are not very sophisticated, instead they are plain and simple because they are targeted to a young demographic (which is too often treated as not deserving of good quality products…).

However, from time to time there are gems to be found among the playline dolls. Many of you remember the famous purple-haired curvy mermaid doll from the Dreamtopia line (product code FXT09) which had a Gigi headmold that stole hearts of many. Today we’ll take a closer look at the fairy from the Dreamtopia line.

How to go from a fairy to a fashionista

STEP 1 – Get a fairy!

I got the pink-haired Dreamtopia fairy (product code GJJ99). This is a rather cheap doll but I really like her facemold and I’d love to play with her more and photograph her.

STEP 2 – Get a matching MTM body!

For this particular fairy, Barbie Made to Move Brunette Bun Floral Pants (product code FTG82) is a match. Why MTM body? Let’s quickly compare the fairy’s original body to the MTM one: basic articulation only and painted (!) bodice and legs. This equals limited possibilities of play as the dolls movements are restricted as well as dressing options. MTM is much better!

Step 4 – Remove the dolls heads!

The most nerve-wracking part! Be careful not to damage the pegs and you’ll be fine. If you find this step difficult, don’t worry! I will make a detailed tutorial on how to swap the dolls’ heads shortly. : )

Step 5 – Put the fairy’s head on the MTM body!

Super-easy! She looks great already, doesn’t she? The moveable body feels like an invitation to play.

Step 6 – Get some fashions!

Any fashions will do, play as you wish! I decided to use one of the new fashion packs that I got some time ago (product code ‎GRC85). The watermelon dress with a watermelon handbag create an adorable look, perfect for summer!

Step 7 – It’s done! Enjoy your new doll!

Look at this beauty! She is lovely, isn’t she? She is a fashionista now : ) Don’t forget to check out my Instagram @margaretanndolls to take a closer look (I posted an IGTV video tutorial there!)

I hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial and it inspired you to create new dolls to play with. Please share your thoughts in the comments below this post or write to me on Facebook. : ) Also, if you’d like to see more doll photos, #MADTUTORIALS videos and doll reviews, make sure to follow me on Instagram @margaretanndolls !

Stay safe and healthy,
Margaret Ann

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