How to straighten the doll’s hair – step by step tutorial

One of the questions you ask me the most is how to straighten the doll’s hair. That’s why I prepared this step by step tutorial and I hope you’ll find it helpful. Of course, if you have any additional questions after looking at the tutorial, feel free to comment under this post or send me a DM on my Instagram @margaretanndolls as I’m the most active there. Now let’s go! : )


Step by step tutorial

Step 1 – Get a doll.

For this “how to straighten the doll’s hair” tutorial we will straighten the hair of the Barbie BMR1959 doll. In the pictures below you can see how curly her hair is originally.

Step 2 – Brush the hair.

Be gentle when brushing and don’t worry if some of the hairs fell out. It’s bound to happen!

Step 3 – Wash the hair.

Use a gentle shampoo to clean the hair. You can choose any shampoo you like, the type or the brand doesn’t matter.

Step 4 – Brush the hair again.

Now that the hair is clean and wet, we start the straightening process for real.

Step 5 – Add a conditioner.

You can use any hair conditioner you like, you can also choose to use a hair mask. It doesn’t have to be any specific brand. I bought a cheap hair conditioner for colored hair that I use only for my doll’s hair. Conditioner helps to soften the hair which makes it easier to straighten it. It also gives the hair a nice shine.

Step 6 – Time for a boil wash! Soak the hair in boiled water.

Boil the water in the kettle, pour it into a bowl and then soak the hair in the water for about 15-30 seconds at the time. You can also pour the water directly onto the doll’s hair if you don’t have a bowl handy.

Step 7 – REPEAT THE PROCESS of adding conditioner, brushing and boil washing until the hair is straight to your liking.

Repeat the process as many times as you need to achieve the straightness you like. You might prefer to keep the hair a bit wavy or go for a totally straight look. It’s all up to you.

Step 8 – Brush the hair.

Once the hair looks as straight as you like, we start the finishing processes.

Step 9 – Add a conditioner (or a hair mask) and leave it for 15-30 minutes.

Adding a conditioner (or a hair mask) for the final time, this time for longer, will help to keep the hair looking healthy and shiny once it dries.

Step 10 – Wash the hair.

Rinse thoroughly.

Step 11 – Brush again.

Brush the hair for the last time.

Step 12 – Leave the hair to air-dry.

It’s important to leave the hair to air-dry. Do not use a hair dryer, just let the hair dry naturally. It shouldn’t take long so be patient.


This is how BMR1959 Barbie doll looks once her hair is dry. As you can see her hair is still a bit wavy. I like this look and I decided to keep her as is but it is possible to straighten the hair more – one would need to just repeat the process again.


Here the side by side comparison of the doll with original hairstyle and the doll with straightened hair.

How did you like this “how to straighten the doll’s hair” step by step tutorial? If you have any additional hair straightening tips, feel free to share them in the comments. I hope you found this tutorial helpful! You can also check out my other tutorials, for example: How to change the dolls’ bodies – Head swap tutorial or How to go from a fairy to a fashionista – Barbie doll makeover .

Have a wonderful day,
Margaret Ann


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    26 May 2023 at 03:08

    Great job! I need to know this information. Thank you.

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    Connie Dqvis
    6 June 2023 at 09:31

    This will be my 1st attempt at straightening. I didn’t have a clue where to begin, so I really appreciate your step by step process. Thanks…I cant wait to try it out!

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