#MADTUTORIALS How to change the dolls’ bodies – Head swap tutorial

There are a few ways how to swap the dolls’ heads and today I will share with you mine! I’ve used it countless times already and did not have any issues, so I recommend you try it too. Make sure to read all the tips below and watch the video tutorial on my IGTV on Instagram @margaretanndolls .

How to change the doll’s bodies

Head swap tutorial

STEP 1 – Get two dolls: one for the head, the second one for the body

Usually, this means getting one doll with a beautiful face but basic, non-articulated body and the second doll with an articulated body. The most popular body swaps occur between Barbie Fashionistas dolls and Made to Move dolls. However, you can also use other bodies and for example swap from a curvy Fashionistas to a model muse body of a collector doll. The possibilities are endless!

STEP 2 – Make sure the skintones match

That’s the most important. Put the dolls next to each other and compare the skintones. You can put the head over the arm of the body donor and see if it would look good.

If you are not sure which body will match your head, look online and see if someone else have done the same swap as you are planning to do. Then you could ask that person which body they used. Another option would be to go to the store and physically try to match the head to the body before purchasing the latter.

STEP 3 – Remove the heads

The trickiest part. I use the hairdryer for about 1 minute to soften the plastic around the neck and bottom part of the head. Make sure to protect the hair and DO NOT blow the hot air over the hair as it might get burned if it’s too hot. Then, pull gently to remove the head. Do it slowly and carefully so you don’t break the peg that is inside.

STEP 4 – Put the heads on their new bodies

This is simple. You put the heads on the necks until they are properly attached.


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and you found it helpful. If you’d like to see more doll photos, unboxings, #MADTUTORIALS videos, and doll reviews, make sure to follow me on Instagram @margaretanndolls !

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