Review # 71 Monster High Ghoul’s Beast Pet Cleo de Nile Reboot Doll

Monster High doll franchise was created by Mattel and launched in 2009/2010, and over the years it became a great success in the toy industry. When Mattel announced that the entire franchise will be rebooted in 2016, most of the fans were shocked and also very skeptical. I think that it was a very wise decision from the business point of view. Mattel is using the reboot to reach the new generation of 6+ kids that are now learning what Monster High is. Some of these kids were born when Monster High was created and they were not able to follow the story from the very beginning and buy the dolls when they were first released. These children and their parents are Mattel’s main target audience, not the collectors. The kids who were 6+ years old when Monster High was released in 2010, are now 12+ years old and most of them is losing their interest in the franchise. The new rebooted Monster High dolls look younger and more friendly than the previous dolls. They will probably appeal to the parents who are more likely to buy less scary dolls for their kids. What is more, the new dolls are also supposed to be more affordable.

From the moment I heard about the Monster High reboot, I was very curious to see how the dolls would look like. Fortunately the Welcome to Monster High dolls appeared in Swiss stores at the same time as in the USA, so I was able to immediately check out the new dolls and their new faces. Once I realized they looked really good through the packaging, I decided to go a step further and get one of the dolls for myself. Now that I finally have one of the new Monster High dolls, I am able to share my opinion on the reboot.

Ghoul’s Beast Pet Cleo de Nile doll is the first of the new Monster High dolls that I got (and definitely not the last!). She looks so different in comparison with her previous dolls. She looks a lot younger and more friendly. She has large blue eyes and smiling lips, and she actually looks like she is a teenager. What I really like about this new Cleo doll is that she has bandages molded on her left arm, torso and right leg. I think it was a great idea to incorporate bandages in a doll of a daughter of a mummy. As it is possible to have more than one pet over the years, Cleo’s cat is supposed to be a pet that she had before she got a cobra Hissette, so it is not a replacement. I am glad that Cleo is still a fully articulated doll and I wish she came with a stand. Overall I am very fond of this doll and I am excited to see what this Monster High reboot will bring us in the future.

Inside the box…

…and out of the box!

Body Comparison with I Heart Fashion Cleo de Nile

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What do you think about Ghoul’s Beast Pet Cleo de Nile doll? Do you have any of the new rebooted Monster High dolls? Please let me know in the comments!


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    23 August 2016 at 18:36

    Nie, nie, nie i jeszcze raz nie.
    Widziałam dzisiaj na żywo odnowioną Frankę i Drakę. Nieeee. Ari to totalna katastrofa. Jak chcieli zrobić odnowioną serię, to chociaż przy pierwszych wydaniach się postarać i makijaż zrobić tam gdzie powinien być, a nie znowu usta przekrzywione i oczy poza gałką.
    Nie. Nie. I nic nie zmieni mojego zdania. One nawet na żywą są kiepskie.

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    Maya Blueberrygirl
    23 August 2016 at 18:58

    I understand the reason for the change. I like this new Cleo. The review is very good! Thank you!!!


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