Mattel 2016 SDCC Exclusive Dolls – Ever After High Cedar Wood and DC Super Hero Girls Katana

A few months ago I showed you my Monster High and Ever After High SDCC Exclusive Dolls and I mentioned that I was planning on getting two of this year’s Mattel SDCC Exclusives: Ever After High Cedar Wood as a Marionette and DC Super Hero Girls Katana doll. Fortunately I was able to get them shortly after the 2016 San Diego Comic-Con International and I am very happy that they became parts of my doll collection. I appreciate the high quality of the SDCC exclusive dolls and the fact that their packaging is always magnificent. I keep all of my SDCC exclusive dolls in their boxes and I wish I had more space in my apartment to display them.

Ever After High Cedar Wood as a Marionette really surprised me because I did not expect to like her as much as I do now. When I was ordering her online, I thought she looked good but I was not in love with her. It changed when she arrived as I was instantly impressed by her beauty. To me she looks so much more amazing in person than on the pictures. The box looks great and the doll is very well made. Her outfit is so detailed and well thought out. Cedar is such a unique doll and I like how this look is linked to her story.  I also enjoy being able to play with her using the strings without taking her out of the box.

DC Super Hero Girls Katana is definitely one of my favorite dolls in my collection. Firstly, her box is huge and absolutely outstanding. The outer and the inner box look spectacular and I really like how the doll is posed in the box. Katana’s outfit is splendid. She is wearing a Japanese armor, she is holding her signature katana and she also comes with a lot of extra weapons (two sai, three shuriken, a naginata and a sheathed tanto). I would love to take her out of the box, play with her and take a lot of photos but I am going to keep her safe in the box for now. Katana is not only the first doll of this character but also the first DC Super Hero Girls SDCC Exclusive Doll and I hope there is more DCSHG exclusive dolls coming in the future.<

Ever After High Cedar Wood as a Marionette SDCC Exclusive 2016

DC Super Hero Girls Katana SDCC Exclusive 2016

What do you think of 2016 Mattel SDCC exclusive dolls? Do you have any of the SDCC exclusive dolls or are you planning on getting some? Please let me know in the comments!


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    28 August 2016 at 22:44

    Cedar… ech… Najładniejszy jest u nie jak zwykle robal, ale tym razem narysowany w górnym prawym rogu.

    Katana… nie będę się przyglądać Twoim zdjęciom, bo niedługo obejrzę sobie swoja własną 😀

    • Reply
      5 September 2016 at 12:08

      Mam nadzieję, ze Twoja Katana dotrze już niedługo! Jestem pewna, że będziesz z niej bardzo zadowolona 🙂

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    Linen Mikaelsson
    29 August 2016 at 07:57

    Katana is amazing! I preordered her awhile ago but the they never seem to ship her which is really annoying. I know it's a serious store cause I buy from them quite a lot.
    She is amazing though and you must be so happy to finally get her.

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      5 September 2016 at 12:20

      Thank you! Katana is absolutely gorgeous and I am so glad that I have her. She is now one of my favorite dolls 🙂 I hope you'll get her soon too!

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