Review # 61 Ever After High Epic Winter Briar Beauty Doll

Recently Mattel decided to make some changes when it comes to Ever After High and Monster High doll lines. In case of Monster High they went with a complete reboot of the line which includes new faces, new bodies and a new history. As for the Ever After High, the change was not so significant and so far the dolls only received the new faces. The new EAH faces appeared for the first time on the budget dolls (basic ones and those from the Ballet line). The first major doll line which features dolls with the new face molds is the Epic Winter line.

Ever After High Epic Winter is the seventh EAH movie and it will be released on August 26, 2016. The main character of the movie will be Crystal Winter, Daughter of the Snow King and Queen. Crystal’s father, the Snow King, is under an evil curse and is threatening eternal winter across the land. Crystal will ask the Powerful Princesses of Ever After High for help and then together they will try to save the kingdom.

I really like the idea of the Ever After High winter-themed doll line. The dolls included in the Epic Winter line have adorable outfits with faux fur details and accessories like muff or earmuffs. From the moment I saw which dolls were featured in this doll line, I knew I had to get Crystal Winter and Briar Beauty. I am also tempted to get Apple White and Rosabella Beauty, but I am trying to limit myself and save money for the upcoming SDCC exclusive dolls.

Epic Winter Briar Beauty is absolutely adorable. This is the first doll with a new face mold that I have and I think she is super-cute. She definitely looks younger than previous Briar dolls and her new bigger smile and wider eyes are nicer than I thought they would be. I think that this new look really works for her and I cannot stop smiling when I look at her. I love her smile! Briar’s outfit is very pretty too. I like the faux fur which is so soft and fluffy. I do not mind the molded on leggings (tights?) and I think they match her outfit very well. One thing I do not like about this doll is the lack of the stand. To me it is important to have stands for my dolls and I do not appreciate being forced to buy stands separately, especially since until now all the standard (non-budget) EAH dolls came with the stands.

Epic Winter Briar Beauty is the 4th Briar doll in my collection (I also have her signature, Spring Unsprung and Thronecoming dolls). I took a picture of all my Briars standing together so you could compare the new face mold to the old one. To me this new doll looks like a younger version of the Daughter of Sleeping Beauty, but she still has a “Briar vibe” and she still is Briar Beauty. I love the original dolls, but this new face mold grew on me already and I really like it as well.

Inside the box…

…and out of the box!

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    Farrah Lily
    8 June 2016 at 17:30

    Great review, Margaret Ann! I am still not totally sold on the new EAH, but I think once I see them in person, I will just "know". ๐Ÿ™‚ I am still trying to collect the older ones for now! If I had to pick a favorite from the new Epic Winter line, it would probably be Briar.

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      4 July 2016 at 09:56

      I think that the new EAH dolls are really cute ๐Ÿ™‚ I like the smaller head molds and to me the smile works for most of the characters. Briar and Crystal are my favorite dolls from the Epic Winter doll line ๐Ÿ™‚

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