Review # 46 Bratz #SnowKissed Cloe Doll

From the moment I fell in love with Bratz #SelfieSnaps Cloe, I knew that I will be getting more Bratz dolls in the future. As you know, I do not buy all of the dolls that are available on the market, but only those that I really like and since I am a picky person, it is not always easy to please me (haha!). I considered buying some of the new Bratz dolls, but so far only #SelfieSnaps Cloe and #SnowKissed Cloe became parts of my collection and I am very happy that I got them. What I love the most about Bratz dolls, is that they come with a lot of accessories that are very detailed. Bratz outfits consist of separate pieces which allows me to mix and match different clothes and accessories.Cloe from the #SnowKissed doll line is an adorable winter-themed doll. I like that even though it is the same character as my first Bratz doll, this Cloe looks so much different from the #SelfieSnaps one. She has long platinum blonde, almost white hair with pink streaks in it and she is wearing glittery white eyeshadow and light pink lipstick. She also has a small braid but it is mostly hidden under her faux fur hat. Her outfit is very well-made and I really appreciate that her coat has small details like silver zipper and silver buckle on her belt. Underneath the coat she is wearing a white crop top that (surprisingly) has long sleeves. I feel like the makers of this doll did not have to add those small details but they did it anyway, and that is what truly makes this doll stand out. #SnowKissed Cloe comes with a lot of accessories – a second outfit, a sled with stickers to decorate it and a brush. She does not come with a stand, but if you balance her well, she is able to stand on her own (I put her on a doll stand to make sure she is stable for taking pictures).

Inside the box…

…and out of the box!

#SelfieSnaps Cloe is wearing #SnowKissed Cloe’s second outfit so you can see both outfits side by side. Which one is your favorite?

Check out my review of #SnowKissed Cloe on my YouTube channel:

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