Reliving the Magic: The Ever After High Sweet Treats Doll Collection

The year was 2018, and for fans of Ever After High, it marked a bittersweet chapter in the enchanting saga of this beloved doll series. As one of the final releases in the Ever After High lineup, the Sweet Treats Doll Collection captured the hearts and imaginations of collectors and fans alike. These dolls brought a fairy tale ending to a line that had been cherished for its creativity, storytelling, and unique characters.

Note: Photos of the dolls are included at the end of this post. For a video, go to my Instagram @margaretanndolls.

A Delectable Farewell

The Sweet Treats Doll Collection was more than just a set of dolls; it was a celebration of the Ever After High legacy. Each doll in this collection was themed around sweet treats, giving them a playful and endearing aesthetic.

The Sweet Treats collection featured some of Ever After High’s most iconic characters, reimagined in outfits inspired by delectable desserts. These dolls were: Apple White, Raven Queen, C.A. Cupid, Darling Charming, Holly O’Hair, Madeline “Maddie” Hatter and Bunny Blanc. Each doll’s outfit was designed to reflect their personality and the collection’s theme. From candy cane stripes and cupcake patterns to sprinkle-covered accessories, no detail was too small. The packaging for the Sweet Treats dolls followed the theme as well. Each doll was encased in a box designed to look like a bakery window, complete with illustrations of sweets and pastries that added to the overall charm and appeal.

The Hunt for Sweet Treats

Despite the excitement surrounding the Sweet Treats collection, acquiring these dolls proved to be quite a challenge for many fans. The collection was only released in a few countries— I believe only Turkey, Mexico, and Russia—which made them incredibly rare and difficult to find. For collectors outside these regions, obtaining these dolls required a combination of persistence, luck, and a supportive community.

As an avid collector and long-time fan of Ever After High, I was determined to add the Sweet Treats dolls to my collection. The journey was anything but easy. After scouring local stores and online marketplaces to no avail, I realized I would need help from my international doll-collecting friends.

Thanks to the wonderful and supportive Ever After High community, I managed to secure Apple White from Mexico. A fellow collector, understanding my passion and determination, kindly helped me acquire her. The joy of receiving Apple in the mail was immense—a mix of relief, excitement, and gratitude.

The quest for the other dolls led me to Russia. With the assistance of another generous friend from the doll-collecting community, I was able to get the remaining dolls shipped to me. I remember the thrill of tracking the package and the overwhelming happiness when I finally received them. It was a long journey but the support from my doll friends made it all possible.

Legacy and Impact

The release of the Sweet Treats Doll Collection in 2018 was a poignant moment for Ever After High fans. As one of the last sets of dolls to be released, it marked the end of an era. Ever After High had carved out a unique niche in the doll market with its focus on the teenage children of famous fairy tale characters, blending modern high school drama with classic fairy tale magic.

Despite its discontinuation, Ever After High continues to hold a special place in the hearts of its fans. The Sweet Treats collection serves as a fitting tribute to the creativity and imagination that Ever After High brought to life.

A Personal Reflection

As an avid collector and long-time fan of Ever After High, the Sweet Treats Doll Collection holds a special place in my heart. I remember the excitement of discovering these final additions to the series, feeling both joy and a hint of sadness knowing they would be among the last.

To me the Sweet Treats collection symbolizes the end of a beloved series, but also the enduring magic that Ever After High has brought into my life. While the dolls now sit proudly on my shelf, they continue to inspire and remind me of the wonder and creativity that defined Ever After High.


The Ever After High Sweet Treats Doll Collection remains a cherished piece of doll history. Its release in 2018 offered fans a final, sweet taste of the magic that defined Ever After High. As collectors and enthusiasts look back on the series, these dolls stand out as a testament to the creativity, joy, and storytelling that Ever After High embodied. While the series may have concluded, the memories and magic of Ever After High will live on, happily ever after.

Photos of the Sweet Treats Dolls

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