Review # 73 Monster High I Heart Fashion Djinni Whisp Grant Doll

Once I heard the rumors that Monster High Djinni “Whisp” Grant was going to be a part of I Heart Fashion doll line, I could not wait for her to be released. I really wanted to get Whisp’s doll from the moment I saw Monster High 13 Wishes movie. Unfortunately the first doll of Djinni Whisp Grant was a part of a villain 2-pack featuring her and Kieran Valentine that was a San-Diego Comicon Exclusive in 2015. I do not like Kieran Valentine and I didn’t want to have his doll so I decided to pass on a 2-pack and wait for a single Djinni doll release. Monster High I Heart Fashion Djinni Whisp Grant is a Toys “R” Us exclusive in the USA and I got her on eBay.

Djinni “Whisp” Grant was first introduced in 2013 in the Monster High 13 Wishes movie. She was the manifestation of the shadow of Gigi Grant and for a long time she was known as the Shadow Genie. Following Howleen’s wish to turn Whisp into a true genie, she has taken over Gigi’s duties as the new genie of the lantern. In my opinion Whisp was one of the best villains that appeared in Monster High movies and I would love to see more of her in the upcoming webisodes and movies.

Monster High I Heart Fashion Djinni “Whisp” Grant is a superb doll. Not only she is very beautiful but also she comes with three extra outfits and additional accessories. Whisp looks very unique with moon phases painted above and under her right eye and tattoos on her on her cleavage, arm and hands. Her hair is very soft and thick and her joints are rather stiff. I really like the fact that she has four separate outfits in total and that you can also mix and match different pieces of clothing. If only she came with a doll stand, she would be a perfect doll.

I recently met with my friend Sandra (Sandomia) and we took some pictures of our dolls together. My Whisp really enjoyed Kala Merri’s company and she also befriended Finnegan Wake. You can check out the photos and the story on Sandomia’s blog.

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    8 September 2016 at 22:23

    A gdzie legendarne zdjęcie z Kalą? Abuuu, powinno tu być…

    To, że to nad okiem to są fazy księżyca to nawet nie wiedziałam. Przyglądałam się jej, ale były to jakieś zwykłe kropki. Ech, czasem warto poczytać czyjeś wypociny 😀

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      9 September 2016 at 06:52

      Zdjęcie z Kalą będzie miało premierę na moim Instagramie już niedługo! Potem dodam je do posta 🙂

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