Review # 67 Once Upon a Zombie Sleeping Beauty Doll

As mentioned in my previous review of Zombie Alice, I absolutely love Once Upon a Zombie dolls.  These dolls are totally amazing and I really like the fact that they offer an alternative view on the traditional definition of beauty. Currently I have seven OUAZ dolls in my collection: Zombie RapunzelZombie Snow WhiteZombie Belle, Zombie Little Mermaid, Zombie Alice, Zombie Sleeping Beauty and Zombie Cinderella. I received three of the new dolls from Once Upon a Zombie and I would like to thank OUAZ Team very much for that. I am very happy to have a chance to review the dolls and take a lot of photos of them. I post a lot of pictures on my Instagram, so make sure to follow me there as well.Zombie Sleeping Beauty is one of the recently rereleased Once Upon a Zombie dolls. Her outfit and hairstyle is quite different from the first release of that doll. The new Zombie Sleeping Beauty has super long and thick blonde hair, and she is wearing a golden crown on top of her head. As all Zombie Princesses, she has beautiful glass inset eyes with rooted eyelashes and she does not have any shoes. Sleeping Beauty wears a pink dress with black mesh and a blue underskirt, and she has a gold belt with a gold skull on it. She is fully articulated and she comes with a grey brush and a very well-made doll stand. I think that Sleeping Beauty is gorgeous as a zombie and to me this zombified look really suits her.

If you are interested in getting Zombie Princesses, go to The dolls are 19.99 USD each and they can be shipped internationally. I highly recommend them!

Inside the box…

…and out of the box!

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What do you think about Zombie Sleeping Beauty? Do you have this doll or are you planning on getting her? Please let me know in the comments!

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