Review # 60 Monster High Venus McFlytrap I Heart Fashion Doll

I love Venus McFlytrap and I am obsessed with Monster High I Heart Fashion line, so of course I had to get Venus doll featured in this particular doll line. As my favorite Monster
High character, Venus was the first Monster High doll that I got and her signature doll was that very special doll that started my doll collecting adventure. From the moment I got signature Venus, I absolutely loved her face and hair but I didn’t like her outfit. My dream outfit for her was the dress included in the I Heart Fashion Venus set and now, over a year later, I finally got it and it made me extremely happy.

Monster High Venus McFlytrap is a third doll that joined my I Heart Fashion mini-collection (I currently have 3 dolls from this line: Iris Clops, Cleo de Nile and Venus McFlytrap, and I also have Abbey Bominable’s and Scarah Screams’ outfits. I am also planning on getting Whisp Grant once her I Heart Fashion doll is released). At first I wanted to buy only I Heart Fashion Venus’ clothes, but after a while I decided to get the entire set and I definitely do not regret it. The doll itself looks so much better than I expected and the clothes are just fantastic.

I Heart Fashion Venus McFlytrap is such a cool doll! She has a punk hairstyle and her hair is a lot shorter than usual. I like the addition of black into her hair and her dark grey eye makeup. The outfit that Venus is originally wearing is edgy and uses dark pink and dark green colors. I like that the vines that are wrapped around her arms and legs are translucent grey instead of green. I Heart Fashion Venus comes with a black stand, a black brush and a lot of accessories. As mentioned, the white and black dress with the checkerboard and venus flytraps pattern is my favorite. I also really like black vine heels (even though they are repainted shoes from the Ghouls Night Out Venus) and the set of extra bracelets and earrings. Overall I Heart Fashion Venus McFlytrap is absolutely amazing and I highly recommend getting her.

Inside the box…

…and out of the box!

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What do you think about Venus McFlytrap? Do you have this doll or are you planning on getting her? Please let me know in the comments!

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