Review # 59 Ever After High Blondie Lockes Just Sweet Doll

Blondie Lockes, daughter of Goldilocks, is part of The Story of the Three Bears as the next Goldilocks. Blondie has very high standards and she wants everything to be just right (in other words perfect). She is a student and a reporter at Ever After High. She has a MirrorCast news show and she spends most of her time broadcasting the latest news around the school. I am not the biggest fan of Blondie’s character in Ever After High cartoon, but I would like see more of her in the upcoming webisodes. Currently I have two of Blondie dolls: her signature doll and Just Sweet doll.

Blondie Lockes doll from the Just Sweet line is my favorite Blondie doll made so far. I bought this doll a year ago and I decided to keep her in the box for a while. As a Target exclusive in the USA, this doll was quite difficult to get in Europe (recently she became more available in Eastern Europe and I saw her in stores in Poland for about 60 PLN that is about 15 USD).

Just Sweet Blondie Lockes looks absolutely adorable. Her entire outfit is cupcake themed and it is very well-made. Her clothes are made out of a lot of different materials and even her blue stockings are glittery. Blondie has a lot of accessories: a cupcake ring, an arm wrap, a headband, the cupcake earrings, a necklace, a belt and a handbag. She also comes with a gold brush and a gold doll stand. I am really impressed with the amount of her accessories and how detailed they are. I wish Mattel kept that quality because this Blondie is made so much better than most of the Ever After High dolls that are currently being released.

Inside the box…

…and out of the box!

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What do you think about Blondie Lockes? Do you have this doll or are you planning on getting her? Please let me know in the comments!

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