Review # 56 Monster High Coffin Bean Venus McFlytrap Doll

As I mentioned many times before, Venus McFlytrap is my favorite Monster High character. When I was starting collecting dolls, I was planning on having only one doll of each character. For most of the Monster High characters I managed to limit myself but I failed when it came to Venus. Currently I have 8 Venus dolls in my collection (Venus signature doll, Gloom & Bloom, I Heart Fashion, Coffin Bean, Ghouls’ Night Out, Ghoul Spirit, Zombie Shake and Fangtastic Fitness dolls). Some of them I love as they are, and some of them I would like to reroot and repaint. I am still working on learning how to do it and I will definitely let know how it goes once I figure everything out.

To me Monster High Coffin Bean doll line is a really good Monster High budget line. I already reviewed Twyla from this line, who is my favorite Twyla doll ever made. Venus McFlytrap looks fabulous in this line as well and I think she is my second favorite Venus doll (after her signature doll).

Coffin Bean Venus McFlytrap is a very beautiful doll. She is wearing pink and green eyeshadow and green lipstick, and her face looks amazing. Her pink and green hair is nicely curled and it is surprisingly soft and thick. I like that they gave her a generous amount of hair and they didn’t put gel in it. As a budget doll Venus did not come with a stand, but she came with a green mug with seedling in it.

Inside the box…

…and out of the box!

Check out my review of Venus on my YouTube channel:

What do you think about Coffin Bean Venus? Do you have this doll or are you planning on getting her? Please let me know in the comments!

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    30 April 2016 at 23:52

    Ona jest śliczna, zresztą jak większość Venusek.
    Żałuję, że nigdy nie została przywleczona do Polski, bo bym ją z chęcią chociaż w sklepie pomacała.

    Skubana ma taką samą bluzkę jak ja 😀

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