Review # 31 Ariel Disney Princess Classic Doll 2015 Edition

Recently I shared with you my thoughts on Once Upon a Zombie The Little Mermaid doll and Monster High Posea Reef, so I decided to keep the sea creature / mermaid theme and review a Disney Store doll, The Little Mermaid Ariel, who is a part of the Disney Princess Classic Doll Collection (2015 Edition).

Ariel is one of my favorite Disney Princesses but the main reason why I wanted to get this particular doll is the hair. Disney Store’s Ariel has the most amazing thick, long, wavy, RED hair! The color is very vibrant and the hair itself is very soft and nice, and the gel is there only too keep the curls in place. This doll is all about the hair to me!

Ariel has a beautiful face and she wears a very delicate makeup. Her outfit is pretty simple, but she is a mermaid so that is understandable. She is wearing a purple bikini top and a green mermaid tail. As you can see in the pictures, underneath her tail she has painted on green panties. Ariel has bendable rubber legs which I remember from my childhood and I really like them. I wish more dolls had legs like this. Her body is the same size as standard Barbie dolls, so you can use Barbie’s clothes to change Ariel’s look.

I love the fact that this Ariel really resembles the character from the Disney’s The Little Mermaid movie. The doll is very well made and the quality is amazing, especially in comparison to other dolls in this price range. Ariel is my very first Disney Classic Princess Doll and at this point I know for sure that I will be getting more of them.

Inside a box…

…and out of the box!

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What do you think about Ariel Disney Classic Princess doll? Do you have any of the Disney Classic Princess dolls?
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    11 December 2015 at 21:00

    Kolor włosów ma boski.
    Mogłaś zrobić jej zdjęcie przy zombiaczej wersji.

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