Review # 27 Once Upon a Zombie Little Mermaid Doll

Today I would like to show you my fourth Once Upon a Zombie doll ย – Zombie Little Mermaid. I must admit that at first I didn’t even want to have her but now she is one of my favorites. Long story short, I found Zombie Little Mermaid on sale for 5 CHF (~ 5 USD) and I just thought that she was too cheap to leave her at the store. Then I unboxed her and it hit me – she looked amazing! I feel bad that I didn’t want to get her at the beginning because she is as beautiful as all of the other Once Upon a Zombie dolls that I have (Zombie Rapunzel, Zombie Snow White, Zombie Belle). It always surprises me how different OUAZ dolls look in and out of the box and how much better they look unboxed. If you are not sure about them, just get one – you will be hooked forever!

Zombie Little Mermaid is fantastic. I love her light strawberry blonde her and I think that it was a great idea not to give her red hair because it makes her look more unique. I like her light blue makeup and blue lips. As all OUAZ dolls, she has beautiful glass eyes with rooted eyelashes, The color scheme of her outfit is very vibrant and it looks really good with her light skin tone. I am also glad that her bra is removable and it is not molded on. The fact that OUAZ dolls do not have shoes fits the idea of the princesses becoming zombies and I agree that as a zombies, these girls do not really need shoes. The stand is very stable and it keeps the doll secured perfectly.

Inside the box…



…and out of the box!

You can also check out my review of her onย my YouTube channel:

What do you think about Zombie Little Mermaid doll? Do you have her, do you want to have her? Please let me know in the comments!


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    Farrah Lily
    21 November 2015 at 02:52

    Hi Margaret Ann, I love your photos! Zombie Little Mermaid has such a beautiful face (like all of them) and she looks so my prettier than I thought she would look! Great review. ๐Ÿ™‚

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      22 November 2015 at 17:03

      Thank you so much, Farrah! OUAZ dolls are very beautiful and I would love to have all of them. I am glad that you liked my review! ๐Ÿ™‚

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