Photoshoot # 2 Ever After High Spring Unsprung Cerise, Briar, Cedar and Holly

As you might have already noticed on my Instagram account, I am getting more and more into doll photography recently. I already had experience in taking photos of nature and people and now I am very excited to learn more about capturing the beauty of a doll in a picture.

I really enjoyed taking Monster High dolls Isi Dawndancer and Batsy Claro out of the apartment for my first doll photoshoot and I decided to do it again but with other dolls. This time I brought with me to the forest my Ever After High Spring Unsprung dolls: Holly O’Hair, Briar Beauty, Cedar Wood and Cerise Hood. I was a bit afraid that I might loose some of their accessories (especially rings), so I was very careful when I was posing them for pictures and fortunately nothing was lost.

Even though these dolls’ theme is spring, they looked spectacular in the autumn scenery. The first pictures were taken when the sun was setting and the rest of them were taken at twilight. I like this moment of transition from day to night and I glad that that I managed to capture the warm sunlight shining on the dolls.

What do you think about my photos of Ever After High Spring Unsprung dolls? Do you like taking your dolls outside and taking pictures of them? Please let me know in the comments!


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    29 November 2015 at 22:49

    Nie ma to jak sesja jesienna z lalkami wiosennymi – fak de system 😀

    Pogubienia akcesoriów to obawia się chyba każdy kolekcjoner, ale jak są tak obwiązane gumką to raczej nie powinny spaść. Może nie wygląda to za dobrze na zdjęciach, ale lepsze to niż powrót po sesji bez pierścionka albo spinki.

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    Farrah Lily
    12 December 2015 at 21:01

    Hi Margaret Ann, I have really enjoyed your amazing photos on Instagram. The lighting looks so beautiful and the colors are so crisp! What a wonderful way to enjoy your dolls. 🙂

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