Review # 22 Disney Descendants Jane of Auradon Signature Doll

For a long time I was not sure whether I wanted to get a Disney Descendants doll or not. On the one hand, I really wanted to see what they were all about, but on the other hand I liked Ever After High dolls more and I knew that the Descendants were their competition. I saw the pictures of the new Descendants dolls online and from the very beginning Jane of Auradon was the one I liked the most. Later it turned out that I wasn’t very fond of her character in the Descendants movie but currently I really like the animated version of Jane in the Wicked World webisodes.
Jane in the Descendants movie:

Jane in the Wicked World:

I saw the Descendants dolls in person for the first time on my doll hunt in Brussels, Belgium and I just had to get Jane. I like that this doll is fully articulated and very well-made, and I just wish she came with a stand.

Overall the doll is amazing. The quality of the outfit is really good and the accessories are very detailed and well-painted. Her face is absolutely adorable, just look at her freckles! I also really like the color of her hair and the hairstyle.

The thing I do not like about this doll is the quality of the hair. Jane’s hair is a dry thick nylon and I wish it was softer (but at least there is not so much gel in it). The other thing I am not so sure about is the fact that her jewellery and shoes are displayed separately in the box. I would prefer her wearing all those accessories from the beginning, because putting them on her was a bit stressful (I had to remove her hand in order to put on a bracelet, which is always risky, and I was also afraid that I would ruin her stocking while putting on shoes). Fortunately all went well, but I wish I didn’t have to do it.

I think that even though this doll is not the same quality as Ever After High dolls, she is worth getting. She is really beautiful and I am glad that I added her to my collection.

Inside a box…

…and out of the box!



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What do you think about Disney Descendants dolls? Who is your favorite character? Please let me know in the comments!

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