Doll Hunting in Annemasse, France – JouéClub

I’ve heard about a great toy store in Annemasse, France a few months ago but even though it’s only 20 km from my home, I didn’t have time to go there until recently. Finally I managed to go to Annemasse last week and I had a great time there. I’ve been to two JouéClub toy stores and I’ve found some of the dolls that I was looking for! Check it out!

JouéClub #1

This store is huge and well stocked. I haven’t seen so many dolls in one store in a long time!

The had some old Monster High dolls on sale, for example 13 Wishes Gigi was only 12.50 EUR (~14 USD).

Thronecoming Briar is so pretty!

The had some Winx Club dolls, but they didn’t have new Butterflix dolls.

So many Barbie dolls!

YAY!  I finally found Once Upon a Zombie Belle! She was the last Belle in a store and I was very happy that she waited for me to pick her up. What’s more the dolls were 50% off and they cost only 10 EUR (~11 USD), which is a great price especially since in Geneva OUAZ dolls cost 39.90 CHF (~41 USD). I got two of them – Zombie Belle and Zombie Rapunzel – and I will review them for you soon!




Ashlynn Ella & Hunter Huntsman were on sale for 20.00 EUR (~22 USD) and signature Jane Boolittle and Art Class Robecca Steam were 12.50 EUR (~14 USD).

There were a lot of My Little Pony toys. I was looking for new Equestria Girls Friendship Games dolls but they haven’t arrived yet.

JouéClub #2

The second JouéClub I went to was a lot smaller than the first one. There weren’t many dolls there and nothing was on sale.

I really enjoyed this dolls hunt and I am extremely glad that I finally got OUAZ Belle doll! I can’t wait to go to Annemasse again and hopefully next time I’ll find some new MH, EAH and Bratz dolls there.

How about you? Have you been doll hunting recently? Did you get some new dolls? Please comment and let me know!

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