Review # 9 Monster High Toralei Stripe Freak du Chic Doll

I wanted to get Toralei’s doll for a while now, but I couldn’t decide which of her dolls to buy. Then I saw pictures of the Freak du Chic dolls online and Toralei from this line immediately became my must-have.

I decided to get this doll in person, because Monster High dolls have some issues with face paint lately and I didn’t want to take that risk and order online.  I was ready to wait until Fall for this doll to be available in Europe, but surprisingly I found her in a toy store in Geneva, Switzerland, about a week or two after the Freak du Chic dolls started showing up in stores in the USA! I was really happy and excited so the following day I went to get Toralei with my husband, because he has a great eye for detail and he always helps me with choosing the best doll in a store.

Toralei from the Freak du Chic line is absolutely stunning. I love her long, thick hair with black and purple strikes on the sides of her head. The makeup made in a circus style is fantastic. Her dress is purple and black with red and organge stripes and has a black and white underskirt. I think that these bright colours suit Toralei well and the dress looks great on her. Toralei’s shoes are amazing too and they have a cat’s face in the front, which is really cute. This doll also comes with a red parasol with black handle that has molded cat eyes, nose and ears. I like the fact that her outfit and accessories are very detailed and well-made.

Toralei inside a box…


…and out of the box!

I’m totally in love with this Toralei! She’s just gorgeous and I love everything about her. She’s definitely my favorite doll from the Freak du Chic line.

Here’s my review of Toralei on my YouTube Channel:

What do you think about Toralei? Who is your must-have from the Freak du Chic line? Please comment and let me know your thoughts!


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    Farrah Lily
    3 July 2015 at 22:26

    Congratulations on your beautiful Toralei! I don't have one of her either yet, but was also thinking to get her Freak Du Chic version as well as I just think she is completely stunning. I love all of your photos of her showing all her details! Great find. 🙂

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      4 July 2015 at 07:49

      Thank you so much! I absolutely recommend getting FdC Toralei, she's even more gorgeous in person 🙂

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    jassica austin
    17 February 2016 at 12:47

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