Doll Hunting in Geneva, Switzerland – Manor, King Jouet, Globus, Migros and Franz Carl Weber

Recently I’ve been doll hunting almost every day, because new dolls started showing up in Geneva, Switzerland. Last week I found new Monster High dolls and I got Freak du Chic Toralei that I reviewed here. While doll hunting, I was particularly looking for Disney Descendants dolls, Mouscedes King and Nefera de Nile from Monster High Boo York Boo York line and Ever After High Way Too Wonderland dolls.

This week I’ve been to Manor, King Jouet (in Meyrin), Globus and Migros (in Balexert).
Check out what I’ve found!


There is an amazing, huge exposition of Minions at Manor. I can’t wait to see the new movie!




New MH & EAH dolls haven’t arrived at a store yet, but they are available on and delivery to the store is free, so I am thinking of ordering WTW Lizzie Hearts, but waiting for BYBY Nefera to show up in a store.

Monster High Secret Creepers are on sale for 12 CHF (~13 USD) and Fashion Packs are now 8 CHF (~9 USD) for the small one and 15 CHF (~16 USD) for the bigger one. Freaky Fusion Frankie Stein with a Recharge Chamber is on sale for 20 CHF (~21 USD) (!) and Ever After High Legacy Day dolls are 25 CHF (~27 USD). Apple’s couch is 20 CHF (~21 USD) and you can also get EAH Diary for 40 CHF (~43 USD) there.

Divergent dolls are on sale for 35 CHF (~37 USD) and I am really tempted to get them.

These amazing Barbies are now 25 CHF (~27 USD)! They look gorgeous.

King Jouet (Meyrin)

This is the place where new Monster High Freak du Chic and Boo York dolls are available! Astranova is 119 CHF (~127 USD) and Cleo & Deuce 2-pack is 64.90 CHF (~69 USD). Freak du Chic Rochelle with playset cost 79.90 CHF (~85 USD) and Toralei, Honey, Frankie and Jinafire are 39.90 CHF (~42 USD).

I was waiting for the Once Upon a Zombie dolls to go on sale, but now I don’t think that it’s going to happen soon. I am still tempted to get Zombie Rapunzel though.

Check out this huge Barbie Dollhouse for 399 CHF (~425 USD)! It’s amazing!

Barbie, Barbie, Barbie!

I really like the Barbie Glam Night dolls. I would definitely get the one in the middle if she was fully articulated.

Hello Kitty is so adorable.

I love Sylvanian Families!

So far the MLP: Equestria Girls Friendship Games dolls are nowhere to be found.

I’ve never seen this Winx Club Pixie plushie before. She looks cute!

Globus (Balexert)

Frights, Camera, Action! Clawdia is 50% off in this store and you can also find there some older dolls like 13 Wishes Clawdeen and Scaris: City of Frights Frankie.

Migros (Balexert)

There are many MH and EAH dolls here, but sadly nothing new yet.




UPDATE 11.07.2015

Franz Carl Weber

I found Monster High Boo York Boo York dolls! They look absolutely amazing, especially Gooliope! I also found Frightmares. The prices are as follows: Astranova with playset is 119 CHF (~127 USD), Gooliope is 59.59 CHF (~64 USD), Cleo & Deuce 2-pack is 64.95 CHF (~69 USD), Nefera, Mouscedes and Elle are 49.95 CHF (~53 USD) and Clawdeen, Operetta and Draculaura are 37.95 CHF (~40 USD). The Frightmares cost 21.95 CHF (~23 USD).

What’s currently in your stores? Have you found some new dolls already, especially Boo York Boo York and Way Too Wonderland? Please comment and let me know!


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    Farrah Lily
    9 July 2015 at 01:35

    So many dolls!! Thanks for including the US price equivalent as it really helps to keep things in perspective. My local Walmart hasn't had anything new as of last weekend…I keep hoping to see the Cleo/Deuce Boo York though as I really want to buy one of those in person due to Cleo notoriously having wonky eyes. I am also hoping to get a Zombie High doll as well (either Rapunzel or Snow White.) 🙂

    • Reply
      9 July 2015 at 20:42

      In my opinion it's better to buy MH dolls in person now because they're having problems with the face paint very often (too often!). Cleo and Deuce 2-pack is fantastic and I am thinking about getting them too. Zombie Snow White is also amazing and I'll post a review of her soon so that you could check her out better 🙂

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