Review # 7 Ever After High Ashlynn Ella Legacy Day Doll

I wanted to get Legacy Day Ashlynn Ella doll from the very first time I saw pictures of her online. It turned out that she was not so easy to find, but I finally got her on 

This Ashlynn doll is very special to me, because it’s the first EAH doll I’ve ever unboxed. When I started collecting EAH dolls, I bought the basic dolls I wanted, but I decided to keep the in their packaging so they wouldn’t get all messed up. It was so exciting to finally be able to take an EAH doll out of the box even though she looked amazing inside.

Ashlynn in a box…


… and out of the box!

I think it was a right decision to take her out, because she looks even more stunning now! I love everything about this doll. Her makeup and hairstyle are great, her outfit is gorgeous and her accessories are very detailed. To me this is the perfect doll!

You can also watch my review of her on my YouTube channel:

Do you have this Ashlynn Ella doll? What do you think about her?

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    Farrah Lily
    19 June 2015 at 12:24

    She is so beautiful! I enjoyed the video as well πŸ™‚ I think her face and outfit are just so pretty! After I get the last "getting fairest" doll I need, I am moving on to Legacy Day! Their dresses are all so stunning. Happy Friday! xo

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