Monster High and Ever After High New Releases Summer 2015

There are so many new Monster High and Ever After High dolls that are starting to be available in stores in USA that it’s really easy to get lost. That’s why I prepared a list of all the new MH and EAH releases for Summer 2015 (if I missed something please let me know!).

Monster High

(55 dolls in 44 boxes with 2 playsets)

1. Boo York Boo York (14 dolls, 11 boxes, 1 playset)
a) Astranova and the Floatation Station 
Astranova ans the Floatation Station Playset
b) Gala Ghoulfriends
Elle Eedee
Luna Mothews
Mouscedes King
c) City Schemes
Catty Noir
Nefera de Nile
d) Comet-Crossed Couple
Cleo de Nile and Deuce Gorgon 2-pack.
e) Frightseers
Clawdeen Wolf
f) City Ghouls
Elle, Luna and Mouscedes as a 3-pack.

2. Freak du Chic (8 dolls, 8 boxes, 1 playset)
Gooliope Jellington
Frankie Stein
Toralei Stripe
Jinafire Long
Honey Swamp
Clawdeen Wolf
Rochelle Goyle and Circus Scaregrounds Playset

3. Ghoul Fair (4 dolls, 4 boxes)
Howleen Wolf
Scarah Screams
Heath Burns

4. Frightfully Tall Ghouls  (3 dolls, 3 boxes) 
Frankie Stein
Clawdeen Wolf

5. Wheel Love (2 dolls, 1 box) 
Lagoona Blue and Gillington “Gil” Webber 2-pack.

6. Maul Monsteristas (5 dolls, 1 box) 
Draculaura, Invisi Billy, Spectra Vondergeist, Gigi Grant, Clawdeen Wolf 5-pack.

7. Wheelin’ Werecats (2 dolls, 1 box) 
Purrsephone, Meowlody and the Scooter 2-pack.

8. I Heart Fashion Iris Clops (1 doll, 1 box)
Iris Clops

9. Gore-geous Accessories (2 dolls,  2 boxes) 
Honey Swamp
Robecca Steam

10. Fangtastic Fitness (3 dolls,  3 boxes) 
Catrine DeMew
Lagoona Blue
Venus McFlytrap

11. Love’s Not Dead (2 dolls, 1 box) 
Ghoulia Yelps and Sloman “Slo Mo” Mortavitch 2-pack.

12. Scare & Makeup (2 dolls, 1 box) 
Viperine Gorgon & Clawdeen Wolf 2-pack.

13. Geek Shriek (3 dolls, 3 boxes)
Catty Noir
Ghoulia Yelps
Gigi Grant

14. Frightmares (4 dolls, 4 boxes) 
Pyxis Prepstockings
Bay Tidechaser
Aery Evenfall
Frets Quartzmane

Ever After High
(25 dolls in 23 boxes with 2 playsets)

1. New Signature Dolls (5 dolls, 5 boxes)
Faybelle Thorn
Darling Charming
Alistair Wonderland
Bunny Blanc
Rosabella Beauty

2. Way Too Wonderland (6 dolls, 6 boxes, 1 playset) 
Apple White
Kitty Cheshire
Lizzie Hearts
Madeline Hatter
Raven Queen and Playset
Briar Beauty

3. Sugar Coated
(4 dolls, 4 boxes, 1 playset) 
Madeline Hatter
Cedar Wood
Holly O’Hair
Ginger Breadhouse with a Playset

4. Date Night (2 dolls, 1 box) 
Raven Queen and Dexter Charming 2-pack.

5. Enchanted Picnic (3 dolls, 3 boxes) 
Raven Queen
Blondie Lockes
Cerise Hood

6. Fairest on Ice (3 dolls, 3 boxes) 
Duchess Swan
Ashlynn Ella
Poppy O’Hair

7. School Spirit (2 dolls, 1 box) 
Apple White and Raven Queen 2-pack.

Don’t forget that this Summer Monster High Mega Bloks, new Bratz dolls, MLP Equestria Girls and Disney Descendants dolls are coming out too!

This is a huge amount of dolls that are being released at the same time. I am only glad that I don’t want all of them because if I did, I would have to move to a bigger house first 😉

What will you be hunting for this Summer? Do you have your favorites? Please let me know in the comments!


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    Farrah Lily
    21 June 2015 at 13:29

    What a list! Thanks for putting this together as it's great to see the dolls in an organized fashion. I can't get over how many they've released. It's so hard to imagine catching up! There are definitely a few I want to collect, but I'm really trying to stick with getting the original release of each and then only my top 2 from other lines. I love Frankie, Twyla, Lagoona and Abbey though, so I might make a point to collect more of them!
    I love the Fantastic Fitness ghouls. I don't think I'll be getting the larger dolls (but maybe Gooliope!) I love all of the Boo Yorkers (unfortunately for my wallet) and the Ghoul Fair ones are cute. Ugh, I actually love them all, lol.

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      23 June 2015 at 20:01

      I am glad that you like my list! It's crazy that all these dolls are coming out at the same time. What's more they are really beautiful which makes it very hard to resist buying them… I thought they will start showing up in Europe in Fall, but surprisingly I found today Freak du Chic and Boo York dolls in a toy store! My wallet is not happy now 😉 I wish they released maybe 3 or 4 doll lines at a time, so it would be easier to catch up!

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