Doll Hunting in Thoiry, France

Recently I went doll hunting in Thoiry, France. I was hoping to find some new EAH and MH dolls and I was also looking for Once Upon a Zombie dolls. I’ve been to La Grande Récré toy store and I also checked the doll section in a supermarket Migros. Check out what I’ve found!
La Grande Récré

There was nothing new on the Monster High shelves, but you can still find here
Gloom & Bloom, New Scaremester, Haunted, Monster Exchange dolls and
new Original Ghouls.

I really like Winx Club Mythix Fairy Dolls and my favorites are Flora and Bloom.

Disney Princesses shelves were well-stocked.

I really like Equestria Girls Fluttershy from the Rockin’ Hairstyle line. I almost picked her up but her box was a little damaged so I decided to get her next time.

There were some Frozen dolls and a huge Barbie section.

The was only one EAH doll and it was a 2-pack of Ashlynn Ella and Hunter Huntsman. It was on sale for 49.99 EUR.

I like these Barbie Style Resort Dolls and I am seriously thinking about getting Summer.

Surprisingly I found some Bratz and Novi Stars dolls.

There were only MH dolls from Haunted line and there were no EAH dolls, but there was a lot of Barbies.

I found only three Equestria Girls dolls and some Disney Classic Collection dolls.

This is everything I saw in Thoiry. I didn’t get anything on this doll hunt, but fortunately the dolls I’ve ordered online just arrived, so I am really happy. I am planning on going on a doll hunt in Geneva soon and I hope I’ll find some new dolls there.

Have you been doll hunting recently? Did you find some new dolls in your stores?


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    Farrah Lily
    6 June 2015 at 02:11

    Wow, I haven't seen the new Winx ones…but they are cute and Flora is also my favorite! Lyra is my favorite Equestria Girl, but I love Fluttershy's face-she looks so sweet! We seem to have similar doll tastes as I saw that Summer in our Walmart as well and she was so tempting (but I really loved Grace as well.) I haven't seen any Haunted Spectra's yet in our area, but she is definitely on my wish list! It is really cool to see what is on the shelves in Europe…thanks for sharing! 🙂

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      6 June 2015 at 17:04

      Haunted Spectra is here pretty much in every store and she looks great, so I hope you'll find her soon! I really like Lyra too, but unfortunately she's not fully articulated. I think that buying a Summer doll in summer is just right so I am very tempted 😉

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    6 June 2015 at 16:50

    Mam ogromną prośbę do Ciebie.
    Dziś wypakowałam Gigi FFT i nie dogina jej się ręka barku. Mogłabym to spróbować naprawić, ale od czego jest Mattel. Chcę ją odesłąć i niech mi przyślą sprawną. Mogłabyś mi podać maila, albo sama do mnie napisać i poinstruować jak mam to z nimi załatwiać, bo pamiętam, ze Ty swoja Jane wymieniałaś.

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      6 June 2015 at 17:07

      Jasne, zaraz do Ciebie napiszę maila i opowiem Ci, jak wymieniałam moją Jane 🙂

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