Doll Hunting in Geneva, Switzerland

Yesterday during my lunch break at work, I went to Balexert in Geneva to check on new dolls. I’ve been to Franz Karl Weber toy store and I also checked the toy section in a supermarket Migros. Check out what I’ve seen! (I took these pictures a few days ago, when I was there for the first
time, but yesterday they still had the exact same dolls, so there was no
point in taking new pictures.)

Franz Karl Weber

Unfortunately there were no EAH dolls in this store, but they had a lot of MH and Barbie dolls.

I really like this Ariel doll and a Frozen 2-pack of Anna & Elsa!

The toy section in Migros was amazing! I was impressed by the amount of dolls they had. I was most surprised that they had EAH dolls from Spring Unsprung and Through the Woods lines, because it is really difficult to find them in my area.

I am still looking for EAH Spring Unsprung Cerise Hood and I hope I’ll find her next time I’ll be in Migros. She’s the only doll I’m missing from the SU line. I can’t wait to see new MH and EAH dolls too and I hope that Boo York Boo York line will be available in stores in my area soon.

Have you been doll hunting recently? What did you find?

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