Review # 5 Ever After High Madeline Hatter Original Release + Re-release comparison

Maddie is such a cute girl and I really like her character – she’s so open and nice to everyone. You can always count on her which makes her a perfect friend. Her doll is really adorable and well-made with a great attention to details. I only wish that she came with her pet dormouse, Earl Grey.

As all my basic EAH dolls, I am keeping Maddie in a box. She’s too precious for me and I want to keep her safe. I really like how she looks inside and her box is pretty too. I am not used to these new boxes yet and I still like the old ones more.


The doll is very detailed. I love her spoon earrings, her gloves, and shoes. Her entire outfit is amazing!

I absolutely adore Maddie! That’s why I am really disappointed with the re-release of her basic doll. As you can see, her hair is straight and there are no curls. Her hat, necklace, gloves and kettle are missing the painted details. I don’t like her re-release at all.

Do you have the original Madeline? What do you think about the re-release?

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