Review #3 Ever After High Raven Queen Original Release + Re-release comparison

When I started watching Ever After High episodes online, Raven Queen was my favorite character. As the time passed the story progressed, the new characters appeared and I found myself liking others more, but she’s still one of my favorites.

I really like the basic Raven Queen doll. She’s my favorite Raven from all her dolls released to this date. She looks very elegant and strong in her box (and yes, she’s staying in for now).

Her hairstyle is pretty simple, but beautiful. I really like that her hair are long down to her thighs, almost to her knees. To be honest, the longer the doll’s hair, the more I like it.

I absolutely love her makeup too. The eyeshadow and the bold lipstick suit her perfectly. I am amazed by the amount of details on her outfit. Her collar piece, belt and the ring connected to the bracelet are just stunning. Her belt, purse and shoes are also very well made.

Here’s the review of Raven on my YouTube Channel:

Overall basic Raven Queen is just amazing! That’s why I am really happy to see that she looks almost exactly the same in the re-released version. The only difference I spotted was the fact that her hair is significantly shorter, but I guess I can live with it. (If you want to read more about the other re-releases click here).

Do you have the basic Raven Queen doll? What do you think about the re-release?

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