Doll Hunting in Geneva, Switzerland – Manor, Coop City, Franz Carl Weber

Yesterday I went doll hunting in Geneva. I visited three stores: Manor, Coop City and Franz Carl Weber. I was particularly looking for new Ever After High dolls – Kitty Cheshire and Duchess Swan. Check out what I’ve found! I am sorry for the quality of the pictures, but I guess my phone was acting as a rebel yesterday.


There weren’t too many EAH dolls in Manor. I saw only Briar Beauty and Cedar Wood from Spring Unsprung, all Through the Woods dolls, Apple White Thronecoming, Raven Queen and Apple White from Getting Fairest line. Hidden in the back, there was also a 2-pack of Ashlynn Ella & Hunter Huntsman on sale for 30 CHF (~ 33 USD). I would love to get Spring Unsprung dolls, but currently they are 52.90 CHF (~ 57 USD) and I am waiting for the price to be reduced.

Among many Monster High dolls, I was surprised to find Ghoul’s Night Out Spectra. I’ve seen her in a store only a few times before.

There was a beautiful Cinderella doll display!

Frozen,Β  Cinderella and Disney Princesses dolls.

I love these Barbies, but they are a little too expensive for me.

More Barbies! I can’t wait for the new Fashionistas to be released.

Coop City

All the Ghoul’s Alive in stock for 49.90 CHF (~ 54 USD)!

EAH Basics: Raven, Apple, Blondie and Maddie for 39.90 CHF (~ 43 USD).
There were also Hat-tastic Party dolls for 34.90 CHF (~ 38 USD), which I’ve never seen before in a store. I really like Cerise Hood from this line.

Disney Princesses.


Franz Carl Weber

Not a single Ever After High doll in the whole store! That was sad, but fortunately there were at least many Monster High dolls there.




So many Barbies!

That is everything I’ve seen yesterday in Geneva. I guess I need to wait longer for the new releases to come here from the USA…

What’s currently in your stores? Have you found some new dolls already?

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