Doll Hunting in Thoiry, France

I live in Geneva, Switzerland and I’ve seen the same dolls in stores here for last 3 or 4 weeks. That’s why I’ve decided to check toy stores nearby in France.First I went to La Grande Récré and here’s what I found:

I also saw Disney’s Tsum Tsums there for the first time, but I forgot to take a picture. I wanted to get Lagoona from Monster Exchange line, but she was sold out.

Then I checked Migros:

Unfortunately it’s the same stuff I’ve been seeing in my area for weeks! I don’t know why 1st Wave Gloom & Bloom dolls and Amanita are here, but there’s no Gloom & Bloom Cleo or Jinafire. There are no new Ever After High dolls either.

I am so happy that I will be in London, UK soon and hopefully I will find some new dolls there 🙂

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