Doll Hunting in London #1 – Disney Store on Oxford Street

I’ve spent the last few days in London and of course I’ve had to go to the Disney Store (actually I’ve been to two Disney Stores and I will be posting about the other one soon). Oxford Street is a very busy street – there are so many people, mostly tourists, and all the stores are crowded. Disney Store on Oxford Street was the first Disney Store I’ve ever been to. I was so excited that sometimes I couldn’t hold my phone still and I’m really sorry that some of the pictures are blurry.

Tsum Tsum

They are sooo cute! There was so many of them I couldn’t decide which one to buy… I wanted the big ones but they wouldn’t fit into a cabin luggage 🙁


Star Wars 

Disney bought Lucasfilm in October 2012 and that’s why we can buy Star Wars merchandise in Disney Stores. I love Star Wars and I was so happy to see so many cool things with the characters from the movies.


 Frozen & Frozen Fever

Frozen Fever Anna & Elsa 2-pack is amazing! But to be honest I would love to be able to buy just the Elsa doll 😉

Disney Princesses

Ariel with her Palace Pet was very pretty and she was on sale for £12.50.


The limited edition 2-packs were £100. The boxes were really heavy and the dolls were very detailed








I wish they made the Glass Slipper in adult size… I would definitely buy it!


This Disney Store was really awesome! I wish I had more free space in my cabin luggage so I could buy more stuff. I will be posting the review of all the things I bought there soon!

Have you been to a Disney Store lately? Did you like it? 😉

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