All About # 4 Gigi Grant 13 Wishes

For a long time I wasn’t sure if I really wanted this particular Gigi doll. Her outfit was very arabic and stylish, but not as girly and elegant for my taste. And her original hairstyle was cool and interesting but just not very cute in my opinion. I really love Gigi and I wanted to have her doll in my collection, so I’ve compared all Gigi dolls released and I’ve decided I liked Gigi’s face from 13 Wishes line the best. Then I found on the Internet a picture of this Gigi with her hair loose and from this moment I knew I had to have her.

My 13 Wishes Gigi is wearing Clawdeen’s outfit from Scaris and – of course – she has her hair loose. I absolutely love how long and amazing her hair is! Her hair is as long as Venus Mcflytrap’s hair from Between Classes line.

Do you have this Gigi? Did you keep her hair in the original hairstyle? 🙂


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    Farrah Lily
    21 April 2015 at 15:11

    I love Gigi as well. She has one of the cutest faces around and I love the dimple in her chin 🙂 The only one I have is the "Freaky Fieldtrip" Gigi, but this is the other one I hope to add someday. I love her with her hair down. 🙂

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      22 April 2015 at 08:48

      Freaky Fieldtrip Gigi is so pretty! Her outfit and makeup are great. I was planning to get her if I hadn't found the one from 13 Wishes 😉

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